McDonald’s Sharebox offer

Enjoy 9pcs Crispy Chicken with 3 Fries and 3 Drinks for 5.7 Rial at McDonald’s outlets across Oman. Click here to order.

mcdonalds oman offer

Crispy Fillet Deluxe offer

Enjoy a Crispy filet deluxe crunchy, tender with seasoning at McDonald’s.

About McDonald’s Oman

McDonald’s across Oman serves a selection of Burgers that delivers across Al Koudh, Hail North and Al Mawalih South .

Their best selling dishes are Chicken burger Happy Meal, 4 pieces Chicken McNuggets Happy Meal, Spicy McChicken Meal and McChicken Meal, although they have a variety of dishes and meals to choose from, like Happy Meal, Happy Meal, Chicken Meals and Chicken Meals.

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